Sunday, February 3, 2008

Learning to Love and Be Loved

We all know being in love is quite easy, loving over the long haul often is not.
Sometimes we're too needy. Sometimes, we want love so much, we cling; we ask too much of our partner. Other times, we withdraw in fear.

With attachment style couple's therapy, you'll learn how your attachment history positively and negatively influences your way of relating. You'll learn how to build on the positive and reduce the negative patterns.

You'll learn how to create greater emotional security, deeper intimacy and break destructive patterns.

You'll together learn how to be a more sensitive and responsive listener and talker with your partner.

You'll learn how to get your need for love met more often and more successfully.

Psychologist/Social Worker Psychotherapy Team available to provide professional guidance in the most important area of your life -intimacy!

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